Chef Pro Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Makers Review

Chef Pro Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Makers
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I am very pleased with the ergonomic design of this model. The 1200 watt heating element does not take very long to heat up the plates. This one also comes with a nice adjustable thermostat to set the desired temperature level. Also the nonstick plates are much better than other models that only use aluminum. The 10" diameter size is also another welcomed plus on this model which allows for different sizes of tortillas from the normal taco to the big burrito size.
I've seen reviews of similar appliances like this one and I suspect that consumers have higher expectations in the sense that they expect to press and cook at the same time. Having used this type of technology in the past, I do not expect it to fully cook the flour dough but rather pre-cook the dough. Once pre-cooked I can then bake the tortilla on a grill or comal. I do not expect something at this price to fully cook the tortilla. Tortilla presses that fully cook the tortilla do not come in the price range of this model and are not meant for home use.
This is a real time saver because it eliminates the manual process of extending the tortilla dough with a rolling pin. Making flour tortillas using this electric press is a breeze. The purpose for pre-cooking the tortilla, it is to prevent the flour tortilla dough from shrinking once you peel it off from the press' plate. This is due to the dough's elastic properties. Otherwise the dough has to be extended by hand using a rolling pin.
I am really happy with my purchase and knocked one star off only because the light indicators are a bit confusing. It has two lights, one is labeled "Ready" and the other "Power". This is my current itnerpretation of the lights: when the "Ready" light is on it means is connected to the electric power; when the "Power" light is on, it means the heating element is on. I think the "Ready" light should indicate whether it reached the desired temperature or not, and the "Power" light that is connected to the electric power. There was no mention of this in the instruction booklet nor the use of the thermostat knob. In spite of these minor omissions I consider the instruction booklet very well written.
I must clarify that I never tested the appliance to fully cook the tortilla since that was not my purpose for buying the tortilla press. I only wanted a flour tortilla press that could save me time making tortillas. I really recomend this press only if you need to press the tortilla and bake the tortilla on a real grill or comal. I think this approach is more efficient and economic than using 1200 watts of electric power to cook tortillas.

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Chef Pro 8 Inch Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Maker is ideal for making all kinds of flat breads such as Tortilla, Wraps, Burritos, Rotis, Puris etc. Features: Cool-touch handle, Non Stick plates for easy cleaning, Chrome Housing, Ready light indicates when to start baking, Heat adjustment dial for variopus temperature control, 850 watts for fast baking, Instruction manual & Recipe book included, One year limited warranty

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